Each donation of $15.00 pays for
your book and anniversary medal.

Thank you for your donations!

Please let us know if you would like us
to include your information inside your
donated book. For example:

This book has been donated by:
(your name)

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As a member of our special club just for diabetic children like you, we will send a free bracelet that says “I Have Diabetes Club”. In addition, you will also be invited to special events and meet with other kids with diabetes, receive other special gifts and a newsletter in the mail. Please join today!

Must have a parent or legal guardian over the age of 18 fill out the form below.

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Note from Karri: "As a labor of love, I have been funding books, bracelets, shipping, etc. myself. However, I've recently received almost 200 requests! A corporate sponsor is interested in helping out but until then, I'm asking for a minimum $15.00 donation. 100% goes back into the organization. We always welcome new members and you can join our mailing list at no charge (above). We can let you know when books are free once again.
Thank you! - K"

Our Sponsors

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How You Can Help

We are always looking for ways to reach out and help more children. Donations to supply books is our #1 priority. Books that are donated by companies will have a special place in the book that says, “this book was donated to you by "company name”. We welcome all information that we can hand out to parents as resources, and build partnerships. We also need sponsors and in exchange can advertise for them. We may also need volunteers at times. If you are interested please contact us. Thank you for your consideration.