Join our Book Club!

As a member of our special club just for diabetic children, we will send our book and a bracelet that says "I Have Diabetes Club". Your annual membership also includes a personal award on the Diaversary Month to celebrate how many years they have been diabetic, a specialized Diabetic Club Gift, and newsletters. In addition, you will also be invited to special events to meet with other kids with diabetes, have access to a network with other members all over the world and join in fun contests .

Only $25.00 Per Year        Please join today!

As a labor of love, I have been personally funding books, bracelets, shipping costs, medals, etc., for over 2 years. However, due to a spike in social media coverage, I've recently received almost 300 requests! To help finance the Book Club, a new $25.00 annual membership has been created. This will help cover the cost of books, Diaversery Medals, specialty gifts, newsletters and shipping.

100% goes back into the organization.
Thank you for your continued support!

We always welcome new members and you can join our mailing list at no charge here. Mailing list recipients will not receive any club benefits.

We are always looking for
Partners to help support our
Diabetic Community.

Informational Presentations.

Contact us to advertise here, to become a sponsor or to help as a strategic partner......

Our #1 priority is to help anyone with diabetes.

Karrii Andersen